AI and diplomacy

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Diplo in co-operation with The Delegation of the European Union is organising a Lunch briefing on artifical intelligence (AI) and diplomacy on Tuesday 19 February in Washington DC, NW.

There have been significant advances in AI over the past decade which have lead to many debates about its potential social, economic, and security impact. However, little sustained attention has been paid to the impact of AI on international relations in general, and on the work of diplomats and policy makers in particular.

Greater scrutiny is necessary because AI will have a significant impact on international relations, such as putting new topics on the international agenda, challenging geostrategic relations, serving as a tool for diplomats and negotiators, and creating new opportunities and concerns about protecting human rights.

Diplo addresses these important changes in the just released report Mapping AI’s challenges and opportunities for the conduct of diplomacy, which was commissioned by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. In particular, the report maps the relation between AI and diplomacy, takes a look at national AI strategies in a comparative manner, explores possibilities of AI as a tool for diplomacy, and highlights the impact of AI on human rights and the responsibilities of states. In addition, concrete suggestions for how diplomats and ministries of foreign affairs can prepare to deal effectively with the challenges and opportunities posed by AI will be discussed.

The presentation will be followed by a roundtable discussion.

For more information, contact Ms Pavlina Ittelson.

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