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Science Diplomacy Capacity Development: Where Do We Go From Here? (WebDebate #55)


For both diplomats and scientists, science diplomacy has become an important topic and practice. It is discussed as an important contribution to solving some of the most pressing global challenges of our time, such as climate change and the global pandemic. At the same time, science diplomacy is a contested concept and practice. It can mean a [...]

[Briefing #86] Internet governance in June 2022


Event description Join us for June’s Digital Watch Internet Governance Briefing on Tuesday, 28th June, at 8am EDT (14.00 CEST). Catch up on the major internet governance and digital policy updates from all around the globe and join our experts as they analyse the existing and emerging policy trends. Register and join the Digital Watch [...]

Digitalization and E-Commerce: New prospects for tackling inequality? (IISD Trade and Sustainability Hub)

Event description As a result of the digital revolution, e-commerce is increasingly becoming the central channel through which global economic activity takes place. However, not everyone has equal access to digital infrastructure and digital knowledge. There is therefore a risk that certain segments of the population, as well as poorer countries, lose out on [...]