Conference on Building Trust in Digital Identities

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Event description

More and more governments around the world are implementing or exploring the implementation of digital identity (e-ID) solutions, while regional organizations such as the European Union and African Union actively work toward fostering interoperability and facilitating the mutual recognition of e-ID solutions. Digital identities hold the promise to enable economic inclusion and development, to facilitate access to public services, and the reliable validation of credentials in e-commerce. In developing countries in particular, e-IDs are further seen as an important tool for promoting the UN concept of ‘identity for all’ and attaining sustainable development goals.

Yet, how might we ensure that digital identification systems are safe and trusted? How can interoperability, and with that portability, of national e-IDs across sectors and borders be accomplished? How can the highest levels of data security, privacy protection, and user-centered control over data be ensured? Who should develop, operate, and govern such a vital digital resource: the private or the public sector? And how can multilateral and multi-stakeholder dialogue and cooperation contribute to ensuring that digital IDs are indeed a force for good? These questions hold far-reaching implications for the economic viability, public acceptance, and societal impact of e-IDs.

This conference is co-hosted with the Geneva Internet Platform (GIP) and the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA).


Seeking to respond to the above questions, this conference aims to facilitate an exchange between technologists, diplomats, policy-makers, industry, and the general public. Specifically, it seeks to explore the promises and challenges of e-IDs, provide an overview of the latest technological developments, discuss how to foster public trust in e-ID and beyond, and explore how digital cooperation and learning from each other can lead towards viable and trustworthy e-ID solutions. Lastly, through interactive, moderated panel discussions and networking opportunities, the event enables exchanges on current e-ID efforts in different geographies, including in Switzerland, Europe, and Africa, among others.

Programme and registration

The event will take place insitu (in Geneva) and online. For more information and to register visit the dedicated website.

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