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In anticipation of the ever-changing digital landscape, the renowned eCommerce Week is embracing a new identity as UNCTAD eWeek, beginning with its 2023 edition. This transformation reflects a dynamic shift in its mission. Organized in close collaboration between UNCTAD and eTrade for all partners, the eagerly awaited UNCTAD eWeek 2023 is set to unfold from December 4 to 8 at Geneva’s prestigious International Conference Center, CICG. The theme for this influential event is ‘Shaping the future of the digital economy’, promising an engaging and insightful exploration of the digital era’s unfolding opportunities and challenges.

DiploFoundation and CUTS International will host a session titled “Digital Economy Agreements and the Future of Digital Trade Rulemaking,” exploring the critical topics of digital trade and trade facilitation, as well as legal and regulatory frameworks at the national, regional, and global levels. The session will feature experts from government, academia, and non-governmental organizations, discussing the unique characteristics and objectives of Digital Economy Agreements (DEAs) and their potential to drive cross-border digital trade, innovation, and economic development. The session will also examine DEAs’ influence on the future of digital trade rulemaking.

Key speakers:

Marilia Maciel, Head Digital Commerce and Internet Policy, DiploFoundation
Wei Guo Tang, First Secretary, Permanent Mission of Singapore to the WTO
Yasmin Ismail, Programme Officer, CUTS International
Kholofelo Kugler, PhD Fellow, University of Lucerne

Moderator: Dmitry Grozoubinski, Executive Director, Geneva Trade Platform

The session will take place on 6 December, from 11:30 to 13:00

Just-in-time reporting

As in previous years, the GIP Digital Watch observatory will provide just-in-time reporting from the UNCTAD eWeek. Bookmark the Digital Watch space or download the Dig.Watch News+ app to stay up-to-date with our session reports and newsletters. Make sure to also follow the GIP’s Twitter account.

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