Upcoming Events

Policy Meets Tech: Quantum computing

Event description The fifth event in the ‘Policy Meets Tech’ series will be dedicated to quantum computing. Today’s computing systems, although having significantly improved decade after decade, can only solve problems up to a certain size and complexity. More complex issues require advanced computational power, and quantum computing promises to deliver such power. But [...]

Cybersecurity risks in social media: Remedies and solutions


Event description Time: 1:00pm – 2:30pm (Nairobi time) Overview: In the digital age, social media platforms have become integral parts of daily life, facilitating communication, networking, and information sharing on a global scale. However, alongside the benefits, these platforms also pose significant cybersecurity risks, ranging from privacy breaches and data theft to identity fraud [...]

30 Years of Internet in China: Between past growth and future challenges


Event description Online Anniversary Symposium (14:00 – 15.00 CEST / 12:00 – 13.00 UTC) This message was given by Madam Hu Qiheng, a computer scientist who connected China to the internet on 20 April 1994. Compared with 30 years ago, the progress is so fast now, and for those who are hurrying to catch [...]

Executive training in Diplomatic Negotiations and AI and Diplomacy

Event description New digital technologies have had, and will continue to have, a profound impact on both the practice and content of diplomacy. The digital ecosystem in which diplomats operate nowadays offers new opportunities but also challenges traditional organisational structures. The in situ Executive Training in Diplomatic Negotiations and AI and Diplomacy for the [...]

Book Launch: International Trade Law and Global Data Governance

Geneva and online Geneva, Switzerland

Event description Neha Mishra’s (Assistant Professor, Geneva Graduate Institute) book International Trade Law and Global Data Governance examines how international trade agreements apply to domestic regulations on cross-border data flows and then proposes a multilayered framework to align international trade law with evolving norms and practices in global data governance. This event will be co-hosted [...]

Tech Diplomacy: Regulation and Digital Issues on the International Agenda


Internet Masr (Internet Society, Egypt Chapter) and The Diplomat Magazine – Egypt (AlDiplomassy Magazine) are organising the webinar titled Tech Diplomacy: Regulation and Digital Issues on the International Agenda.Dr Jovan Kurbalija (Founding and Executive Director, Diplo; Head, Geneva Internet Platform) will be this event’s keynote speaker. He is the author of many books, the latest [...]

May 2024 online courses | Diplo Academy


Event description Diplo Academy is excited to announce the start of four online courses on 6 May 2024: 21st Century Diplomacy Diplomatic Theory and Practice E-Diplomacy Tech Diplomacy For further information or to apply, please click on the course titles above or visit our Course Catalogue Subscribe to Diplo Academy Newsletter for updates on [...]

World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS+20) Forum High-Level Event

Geneva and online Geneva, Switzerland

Event description The WSIS+20 Forum High-Level Event is scheduled to be held from 27 to 31 May 2024, co-organised by ITU, UNESCO, UNDP and UNCTAD and co-hosted by ITU and the Swiss Confederation, with the support of remote participation. The event will serve as a platform for the WSIS+20 review to provide an opportunity for information [...]

AI for Good Global Summit


Event description The AI for Good Global Summit will take place on May 30-31, 2024, in Geneva, Switzerland. The AI for Good Global Summit is the main event of the AI for Good platform organised by ITU in partnership with 40 UN Sister Agencies and co-convened with Switzerland. The summit aims to Identify practical [...]

G7 Summit 2024

Fasano, Italy Fasano, Italy

Event description The upcoming 50th G7 summit is scheduled to take place from 13 to 15 June 2024 in Fasano, Italy. Italy’s G7 agenda for 2024 aims to blend existing priorities with new emphases. These include continued support for Ukraine, addressing crises in the Middle East, ensuring energy security, and, as highlighted by the [...]